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About Us
The TrustPro franchise is part of a nationwide home service company Home Alliance that has served over a million customers since 2012.

Through every brand and location, we project our core values of customer commitment and integrity.

Over the years of experience, we have built a formula for a successful business, and are ready to share that knowledge to lead you to financial prosperity.
Why is the appliance repair business successful?
We'll give you some basic facts in favor of choosing a TrustPro Appliance repair franchise.
Inquiries per month.
There are over 1.5 million requests per month for appliance repair in the US, according to Google analytics. It proves a high demand for these services across the country.
All year round demand
Appliance diagnostics and repairs are in demand all year round. You won't have a drop a bundle regardless of the season. You'll be stocked with orders 356 days a year.
There is enough work for everyone
There are about 140 million houses and apartments in the country! And each of them has at least 3 household appliances that occasionally break down and need to be repaired.
Easily scalable.
Your profit will be directly related to the number of completed orders. To increase your profits, simply hire additional technicians and provide them with orders.
What do we offer?
We have thought through all the details and will be happy to lead you to success.
Training for all business processes
You don't have to have a technical or business background. We will teach you how to manage and market your business effectively.
We can help you recruit qualified technicians for your company, or we can do it for you. Choose the format of recruitment that is most convenient for you.
If you've never dealt with marketing before, you may find it over complicated!
We will help to figure out how to generate leads and process them into real customers.
Your personal account manager
You will get your own personal manager who will supervise you all the way to your first sales and beyond. You will get full support to achieve financial goals.
TrustPro Appliance Franchise is an opportunity to open an essential business without breaking the bank.

Consider financing your franchise with the Small Business Administration. SBA provides 10 years express loan with an extremely low interest rate of just 6%. The loan will help you cover not only the franchise cost but the initial investment as well, all you need is a 15%-20% down payment. Our team will explain and guide you through the application process. Reach out directly to find out more about the financing of your appliance repair business.
Why should you choose to work with us?
What sets us apart from our competitors?
Unique business management software - FREE
You will be a part of a well-known national brand
Low price, high return, and low interest financing
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